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wifi tether not working

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I've been rooted since root access was available usually running froyo roms. I made the leap to gingerbread with das bamfs newest rom. I then switched to gingeritis n my wifi now says
"Is your device rooted? "

I switched back to bamf n I get the same thing. Now using nightlies synergy rom (love it btw) and really upset I can't tether... Any suggestions?
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Try the latest wireless tether from the Google code page.
"razor2006 said:
I've had zero luck with the newer versions of WiFi Tether. I'm still running Wireless Tether 2.0.7 and it works wonderfully.
^^ This doesn't help the OP with their issue.

I was just suggesting something they could try.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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