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[WIP]CM7 for Droid Charge.

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Would you be interested in CM7 for the Droid Charge?
Yes. 16298.78%
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Would love to see come CM7 on the charge!
i just picked up a Charge, well, about 3 hours ago. and it needs some cm love
I've never owned an Android device that offered the potential of a CM6 or 7 port, so I for one would love to give it a shot.
Would absolutely love to see CM for the Charge. So many people grabbed one recently that it would be great to see support!
If you make it, i will donate! never got to try it on the DX, looks awesome!
Yes! This is my first android phone, we need a little cm 7 love. The fact that the bootloader is unlocked makes it the perfect candidate
Signed up just to reply. I would love to have CM7 on my Charge! If this project does start going somewhere I will be happy to donate to the cause as well so please keep us updated!
PLEASE BRING CM7 TO DROID CHARGE!! CM7 is the biggest thing I miss about my old D1.

EDIT: I will gladly donate up to $50 if I see CM7 on my Charge!! I donated before once it was brought to the OG Droid, I'll gladly do it again for the Charge!!
I Would donate im trying to get my hands on another charge to send in for the cause
WOOOOOOOOO CM7. I miss that little fella. we need to get some gingerbread up in this phone so we can finally google video chat!
Hellya, I would love to see some CM7 on the charge. There has been alot of great developement of the past weeks, but this would be the icing on the cake. Will definitely donate for this. Got rid of my DX right before it was supported so I missed out on that one.
I've donated for a similar pole when I got my TB (at release) and decided I really didn't like the phone at all so I sent it back. I'll gladly donate again if I decide to keep the charge. The mod community is just so great with the Droid X which is like 80% of the reason I haven't left yet.
as someone who just came from the droid x which just got cyanogen i would love to have it on the charge!
41 - 60 of 230 Posts
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