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So, a lot of people have requested a CM7 port for the SK4G. Well, I am working to bring that to you.
I have already started the device tree, and waiting to receive the device which should be shipped around the 1st of July.
Once I receive the device, I will be able to complete the extract script, then start working on test builds.

If you are interested in learning about the project, or interested in donating for the device, please feel free to post in this thread and I'll give you more info.

I'm the only one working on this project, however I'm open for any help. (I think we have enough testers so no need to post "I'll help test" posts)
@krylon, I have some experience building CM, I would like to do some work on this project for the simple fact that I am tired of hearing my wife complain about this dang phone. Can you give my a little incite about creating the extract script? Or at least point me to some good reading.

I'm about to google this stuff all day, so any help would be awesome.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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