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I have not used the emulator yet so could I get some advice on how to go about entering in the commands on step 4?

4) Now enter this series in (The part you enter is green. The rest is what you'll be answered with. Be careful and copy the right stuff and pay attention to the spaces!):
Maybe I am making this out to be more difficult than it really is, but do I enter the entire code at one time or one command at a time? I'm assuming one command at a time.

Any help would be much appreciated as I can flash roms all day, but this emulator confuses me....hehe.

**EDIT** I was able to take the nvs_map.bin from my wife's DX and place it in the /pds/wifi on my DX and it worked fine.....had the same mac address as hers of course, but not sure if this effects anything else though?

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