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Sorry for digging up an older thread as my first post, but it is after all the reason I'm posting to begin with.

I have not yet switched over to AOKP, I'm doing my home work first.
I have in the past used CM 7, and I liked it, but I had to go back to my rooted Sense ROM because I absolutely NEED a rock solid working tether app, and I did not find that in CM7. I have used the Wireless Tether app from the market in the link in an earlier post with great success. I've even found a newer version of that app, and am using it to this day.

I have to have this functionality.
It is my only home connection to the internet.

So my question is this; Does AOKP Milestone 4 have a rock solid tethering app built in? If not will I have the same issues as ChooChoo88 had with the tether app from the market on M4?
I am not sure about the kernel you are referring to. But a lot of the tether apps from the market are being shut down. Go to open garden is a very good stable tether app.

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