Customization - it's a huge thing here in the Android community, and it can vary in all forms. From different hardware to complete ROMs to more basic things like themes, all can make your device different than the next. Let's focus on wallpapers for the moment, choosing a specific one can make or break the layout that you're trying to achieve. Yackovsky (aka Jacek Malinowski) has created an app, wlpapR, to help you choose the the background for your next layout.

Yackovsky is a designer who usually focuses his time with more complete themes and icon packs, but now he has turned his attention towards a wallpaper app (at least until he finishes his newest theme YAFI). That is where wlpapR comes from, the app simply features a ton of wallpapers for you to use on your device's homescreen, lockscreen, or anywhere else.

Once opening wlpapR you are presented with a grid of all the walls available at the moment. you can traverse through them by sliding up and down. The is a drop down menu that allows you to change between different categories of walls and a settings button that gives you the option to remove the app's icon from your drawer.

Once you select a wall to view up close and personal, you will not only notice the high definition quality of each wall but you will also notice new action options. You have the choice to save the wallpaper to your device, apply it to your homescreen, or (once again) to hide the launcher icon. There's really not much else to do within the app, but that's not the end of wlpapR's features.

Yackovsky has enabled Muzei access to wlpapR, allowing you to use the walls with the live wallpaper service. This way you can enjoy constantly changing and blurring of the wallpapers. Also he has created a website so that you can view all the wallpaper there, in case you don't want to pay for this app. Granted if you go this route you won't be able to use the wall with all the features detailed above, but you do have access.

wlpapR is currently available in the Play Store for $1.10 and Yackovsky has stated that the app will constantly receive updates as well as more walls. Since the walls are hosted on a personal server in the cloud, more choices can pop up at anytime without needing to update the whole app. Are you ready to change your homescreen's wlpapR?

Play Store: wlpapR

wlpapR Site