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tomthunderbolt said:
hi im working on making this great rom a pure gingerbread rom, i have made most of the modifications i was looking to make but i have two sticky points i cant figure out,

1. i want to remove the extra reboot options basicaly make it a stock boot menu. im sure its in the coding somewhere i just dont know where to look so i could remove it.

2. im also trying to hunt down the homescreen tips widget the gingerbread version all i keep finding are mod ones which are funny, but im looking for the stock 2.3 pro tips.

all help is appricated thanks
Yes for the protips, Sync the AOSP source then edit the arrays.xml in the values folder within res to what you want it to say. there is a little comment that will help you out. Then just make otapackage for any device (prob wanna just do a nexus device) and copy over the protips.apk from the rom which is in your out folder.
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