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RandomSnapple said:
Last night my phone lost data connection, completely, I even re flashed everything, yes and wipe data, and still wouldnt work. I go into the verizon store and they couldnt figure it out. My sim card was fine. And i even made a call to get the password for the account. After they called tech support my phone wouldnt even make a call. I cant text, make calls, use the internet, nothing. The tech guy said the only explanation is that there is corrupt data in the servers making my phone unusable. Almost as if i dont have an account. When i try to call people it asks for a credit card to complete the call. This is BS.
My Charge acted like this the first time I flashed it, and for no good reason. Verizon's phone tech support couldn't fix it. I brought it into a store and the tech there fixed it right away by dialing *22899 (I couldn't remember that number). That gave me the ability to make calls, but SMS still didn't work, so I wiped everything once more and reflashed Gummy and now everything works great.

So my suggestion, based on my own experience is to dial *22899 if you haven't already, if that doesn't work, wipe everything and start over, then try *22899 if it still isn't working.
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