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xml on Ubuntu 10.10

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I can't seem to open the .xml files in the ROM I've tried changing the permissions, tried note pad and XML copy Editor. My question is what are others using for editing the .xml files in ROMs ?
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I imagine a program like gedit would probably be a good for editing the .xml files. Are you trying to edit it on your phone or on your computer? If it's on your computer then you should just be able to:

$ sudo gedit /path/to/xml
That will pop up a root version of notepad that should let you edit it. I have no idea if editing it on your phone directly (if possible) will cause problems though or if that is why you're not able to edit the file.
Yes I'm doing it on the computer. Thank you I will try this when I get home from work.

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I tried that and it didn't work. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong because if I did it right it would work. Thank you anyway I'll keep trying different things until I get it to work :)

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Are you trying to modify xml files in apk files? If so you need to decompile using apktool first before you can start editing the xml files.
O didn't know that I'll install the apktool then as I looked and don't seem to have it. Its obvious but yes I'm new to this and just trying to edit things as a way of figuring out how it works. I have changed images already and flashed so its just my road of progression.
Thank you for the help

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yep needed to install the apktool and decompile the .apk first then I can open the .xml file. Thanks so very much
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