We've seen and featured some of Yackovsky's design work recently (remember wlpapR?), and now it seems like he has created another icon theme appropriately named YAFI, Yet Another Flat Icons. This falls in line with the many other icon themes he's made along with the abundance of other flat icon themes. These aren't ones to be lost in the crowd though.

YAFI comes to us with over 900 icons at launch, with many of your favorites and the most popular ones already themed. The base of most of the icons is a solid colored background on rounded square icons. The colors have a pastel look to them. Then you can see the main part of the app's original icon featured in the center of the themed icon. Some of the apps take full use of the background of the icon, as you can see with Chrome, Muzei, Play Music and more. There are also lot of multiple-themed icons in case you want to use something different than the default icon. The unthemed icons just have the original app shrunk and in the middle of the pastel background. Some masked apps are really difficult to tell from the themed icons, which is a very good thing.

Yackovsky has done something different with the wallpapers in this app - they are linked to his wlpapR app to pull walls from. It helps augment the amount of walls included in this theme. For more information about wlpapR, read our story here.

The app interface presented within YAFI is a very simple and easy-to-navigate layout. Once opening you're presenting with a dark themed list, with categories: Theme Preview, Apply Theme, Wallpapers, and Request Icons. Theme Preview allows you to see screenshots of the theme in action, while Request Icons lets you easily select some (or all) of you unthemed apps to send to the designer to get them themed. Apply Theme gives you the options to set YAFI to one of seven alternative launchers including Go, Next and Action launchers. Lastly, Wallpapers takes you to the wlpapR app. There's also a menu action button that allows you to contact the developer and read about him.

YAFI is available in the Play Store now and its regular price is $2.07. I think it's certainly worth it for just the walls alone, but if that price is too high for you to make the impulse buy, you can get the YAFI Demo for free. Also, look for a significant update on Monday, April 28.

Editor's Note: the app is on sale through Sunday, April 27 for $1.04.

Yafi is on sale for $1.04 through Sunday, April 27

Yafi is on sale for $1.04 through Sunday, April 27​

Play Store: YAFI Demo