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You Know What I Hate? .... Thread

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I've seen this on a few forums and its fun to vent sometimes.

You know what I hate, the fact that my sister backed into my car yesterday and she told no one till i called her out on it.
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I have alot of disdain for our society/culture, in general. In particular, our pervasive outlook on what makes a indiviual a worthwhile person (usually it amounts to material gain and physical appearance, which are both piss-poor determining factors, overall) and the willingness to continue with the out-moded concept of the lead/follow dynamic. A stronger society, sans all the rampant retardation that has been generated, will only come about by our unanimously evolving passed that kind of toxic co-dependence and the psychological damage it does and instead focus on encouraging the cultivation of a self-sufficient individual with respects to their environment and those around them.


"I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it."

/no one cares
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The phrase, "lol." I'm not trying to pick on anyone in particular, but some people overuse it, especially in relation to things that are only nominally humorous (mostly to themselves) or just not amusing whatsoever. In those instances, it seems either indicative of complete self-absorption and/or insanity. Besides, most of the times, they're using it more along the context of, "chuckling softly to one's self/in one's head.

And sometimes, it's just completely innappropriate:

"I just ran over a small child. Lol!"
1 - 2 of 150 Posts
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